Your partners. Your processes. One platform.

AddWorking is the partner relationship management platform that adapts to the processes of your company and your teams.

Partner management software.
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The platform that lets youorganize exchanges with your partners

Create and automate workflows with your partners on AddWorking and improve the efficiency and productivity of your teams.

Without AddWorking
Diagram of partner relationship management, requiring restructuring for greater clarity.
With AddWorking
Structured diagram of partner relationship management, with AddWorking at the center.

Eliminate wasted effort

Centralize exchanges with your partners, their information, documents and processes on a single platform. Automate your workflows to maximize team productivity.

Two men talking and an illustration of an AddWorking worksheet.
Woman working on a computer and an illustration of a validation circuit.

Limit legal and financial risks

Minimize errors and oversights by ensuring that your processes run smoothly. Get easy access to the right information, at the right time, so you can work serenely with your partners.


Improve visibility on your exchanges

Easily access all exchanges and activities with your partners and make informed decisions. Centralize and streamline collaboration between your teams and partners.

Group of people working and an illustration from a report on AddWorking.

Simplify relations with your partners

Organize your company's workflows directly with AddWorking

Index of partner companies and company data sheet.


Invite or add your partner companies to your panel to centralize their information and documents.

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Cascading association of several collections.


Organize your workflow information into collections and connect them to save time. Effortlessly create customized documents from information in your collections.

Examples of collections: worksite, project, job, job follow-up, etc.

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Automation of the AddWorking platform.


Say goodbye to repetitive tasks. Receive automatic e-mail updates, lock workflows, change statuses and much more.

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Integration with AddWorking.


Centralize all information by connecting AddWorking to your favorite tools. Integrate your ERP, purchasing system, compliance tool and many others.

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All your partners on the same platform

Work effectively with all your partners, whatever their size or the nature of your relationship.


Organize your work processes with subcontractors and optimize your costs.

Popular use cases
Contract management
Construction site management
Your process
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Service providers

Manage and track all exchanges with your service providers to keep your expenses under control.

Popular use cases
Project management
Contract management
Your process
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Woman on the phone with workers in bubbles.

They talk about it better than we do

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"Easy to use, very practical and has several advantages (visibility with partners, simple, clear and efficient contracting process)."

Ibtissam JMAILI | Buyer

"Simplifies the management of administrative documents. Saves valuable time to get the job done on time."

Kamel KADRI | Site foreman

"AddWorking is a time saver and we have complete confidence."

Aurélie PAVAU | Technical assistant
Unlock the full potential between your company and your partners.

Unlock the full potential between your company and your partners.

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